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Dr Martens

Shop our range of Dr Martens boots, sandals and shoes, available for men, women and kids and in a huge range of styles, including the world-famous 1460 Boot. All shoes come with Free, Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens, along with their first and best known product, the 1460 boot, are internationally renowned footwear icons. Like so many timeless pieces of footwear, the 1460 - named for the date the first boot came out of Dr Martens’ Northampton factory, April 1st, 1960 - was originally designed for purely practical purposes, but has gone on to huge prominence in the fashion world.

The original Dr Marten boot was created by Klaus Märtens, a doctor for the German army in WWII. Nursing a sprained ankle from a skiing accident, Märtens found that standard issue army boots provided next to no support for his injury. He quickly knocked up an alternate, which bore a striking visual resemblance to military boots of the time, but with much softer leather for extra comfort. His real innovation, however came in his reimagining of the thick, rubber soles of the boots.

Märtens did away with the solid piece of rubber normally used as a sole, instead utilising internal air pockets as a way of softening and buffering the foot from impact, all while ensuring that the durability of the sole wasn’t compromised. This technology was remarkable in its simplicity, and has been used in every pair of Dr Martens boots and shoes since, under the trademarked moniker AirWair. This sole was then attached to the sole using welting with the iconic yellow stitching.

What began as a support for an injured ankle quickly became an awful lot more. The R. Griggs Group shoemaker bought the rights to manufacturer and sell the boot in the UK, and an iconic brand was born. Dr Martens are unique in the number of movements, counter- cultural or otherwise, that they have been part of the staple wear for. Mods (thanks to the 1460’s championing by legendary Who guitarist Pete Townshend), punks, and even postmen have all donned the iconic boots.

Docs are now available in a multitude of styles and colours, the best of which are stocked here at Cloggs, as well as the original 1460s.