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Clarks Shoes

Shop the Cloggs' range of Clarks shoes, sandals, heels and more, as well as a dedicated Clarks sale category, available for women and men with Free, Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns for complete peace of mind.

Few shoe brands are as renowned for quality than Clarks shoes, famed for their superb fit and comfort. Their designs, from brogues to desert boots, are simply timeless, meaning that every pair is a real investment - they’ll never go out of style. Shop our huge range of mens and womens Clarks shoes here.

Clarks is a British shoe manufacturer and retailer, which started off in Street, Somerset, where their head offices are still located almost 200 years later. Made up of two brothers, Cyrus and James Clark, their brand has expanded to become a globally-recognised footwear icon, spreading across over 35 countries.

As the UK’s largest shoe retailer, they have been providing family footwear since 1825, and are consistently acclaimed for their quality, craftsmanship and style. Their products offer a range of smart and casual styles for men, women and children and have been popular with many celebrities such as Florence Welch, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Robbie Williams and plenty more.

Few companies can boast the title of British institution with as much credibility as Clarks. They’ve existed through eight different monarchs and seismic world events like the tail end of the industrial revolution and two World Wars. They even helped out during WWII, when their factory made torpedos for the Royal Navy. In the early days, Cyrus and James oversaw a local, family-based business until the ever-increasing demand for their wares necessitated the move to a factory, although James’ son William made sure that the quality of their shoes never dropped during the transition from hand making to machine.

With iconic styles such as the Wallabee, the Desert Boot and their Playdeck sandal, Clarks Shoes have managed to maintain their status as the world number one in ‘everyday footwear’, the world’s largest casual and smart shoe company and the fourth largest footwear company on the planet. Clarks was one of the first manufacturers to develop shoes that contoured to the shape of the foot, a design feature which they’ve refined and perfected in the intervening decades.

Despite their consistent deference to the timeworn traditions and history of the brand, Clarks have stayed on top thanks to their cutting-edge technologies. While many of their styles hark back to a bygone era, the insides of the shoes are at the forefront of modern technology to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Clarks shoes incorporate Active Air, which simultaneously strengthens the sole while making it softer and more cushioned for the user by utilising hundreds of tiny air pockets. Clarks Plus dual-cushioning system targets the problem area of the ball of the foot with extra padding.

All Clarks from Cloggs come with Free, Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns for completely hassle-free shopping!