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Cheaney Shoes

Browse our range of exquisite Cheaney brogues and dress boots, as well as their selection of shoe care products and polishes.

Cheaney brogues

In the immensely crowded market of men’s luxury formal shoes, Cheaney shoes stand apart as a bastion of shoe making heritage. Since 1886, Cheaney have been producing men’s shoes to an unimpeachable standard.

Having moved to the site that they still occupy in Northampton in 1896, Joseph Cheaney, along with sons Arthur and Harold, faced an uphill battle to establish himself among the town’s venerable cobbling elite. Northampton has long been (and remains to this day) one of Britain’s hotbeds of shoe production, and Cheaney quickly established themselves as a company more than capable of standing alongside the area’s best known manufacturers.

Cheaney’s shoes were made with a precision demanded by the upper classes of the early 20th century. Unlike many producers of the time, Cheaney recognised that the idea that men would only wear their formal shoes indoors was simply impractical. With this in mind, they patented their special welting technique in 1901, similar to Goodyear welting. This offered the wearer a much more watertight shoe than traditional blake constructed brogues, as well as making them considerably easier to resole, which extended their potential lifespan by decades. This exceptional level of quality and service, found in all Cheaney shoes, resulted in Cheaney winning the Queen’s Award to Industry, in 1966.

Cheaney still uses their early model as a template for their business today. Their shoes are still cut and closed in their Northampton factory, and still boast their pioneering welting technique. And of course, they still look as elegant and sophisticated as they did when Cheaney first started out. Class is permanent is the old idiom, and Cheaney’s designs are demonstrative that it still rings true.

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