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Camper footwear was officially founded in 1975, but that’s not nearly the start of their story. Skilled cobbler Antonio Fluxà fused the traditional materials of his native Mallorca with the newly-pioneered industrial manufacturing techniques he learned about during a trip to England in the late-19th Century.

This love of the art of shoemaking was passed down to his son Lorenzo (who was actually born in a shoe factory), and every generation since. Camper spent most of its early years manufacturing traditional leather shoes, before the cultural and political revolutions of the ‘70s in Spain led to the company branching out into more experimental and informal styles, the evidence of which is still visible in the Cloggs' range of Camper, which features shoes, boots and slippers.

Camper established themselves as Spain's number one shoe manufacturer during the 1980s, as they opened retail locations across the country and also began to expand internationally. This growth has continued unabated, with Camper going beyond shoes to establish themselves as a multi-faceted brand, including beginning a hotel and restaurant chain in Barcelona and Berlin.

The majority of Camper's designers hail from neighbouring regions of Spain, and all of their designs contain a uniquely Spanish flavour, be it in their suitability for the warm climate or in their unusual bursts of bright colour which perforate classic designs in a dramatic fashion. It was these designs that first truly captured the international community's imagination, and led to the recognition that Camper enjoys today.

Their soul (pardon the pun) still remains in the shoe business however, and it's not hard to see why when they're continuing to produce such wonderful footwear. The name “Camper” comes from the Catalan “campero”, meaning peasant. The rural values that were imbued in Antonio’s first pair of shoes are still proudly displayed today. Why not see what all the fuss is about?

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