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Caterpillar Boots

One of the most iconic brands in the world and hugely popular amongst celebrities and fashionistas alive, Caterpillar boots are a fantastic combination of sturdy, durable, comfortable and stylish. We stock a huge range of both men and womens Caterpillar boots, as well as some for kids!

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On the face of it, Caterpillar seem a pretty unlikely candidate to be producing some of the most sought-after boots in the fashion world right now. The company can trace its roots back to the late-19th century and tractor manufacturing.

From there, Caterpillar grew into one of the world’s biggest construction machinery producers, and its trademark yellow is an immediately recognisable sign of quality across the industry.

Naturally, as Caterpillar diversified more and more, they started supplying not just machinery, but items for the ones using them too. Caterpillar boots have gone on to transcend their original purpose and become a staple fashion item of the 2010s.

As well as stocking the famous Colorado boot for both men and women, we also have desert boots and shoes - all with Caterpillar’s famous hard-wearing materials. Also, all orders over £50 are eligible for Free Delivery!

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