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Butterfly Twists

Whether you’re partying, travelling, commuting or in the office, Butterfly Twists combine portability and comfort to create unique folding footwear for the fashion-conscious woman. Established in 2007 by four men, Butterfly Twists set out to banish the pain of wearing high heels for extended periods of time by designing a unique pump that could be folded and fitted easily into a woman’s handbag.. Despite their practicality, Butterfly Twists have paid equal attention to their design and aesthetics. Available in a wide range of materials and snazzy colours such as Leopard Print and Snake Skin, these pumps have featured in several iconic fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Considering their growth over the past few years and their impeccable combination of practicality, comfort and fashion, Butterfly Twists would be a welcome brand to any wardrobe.