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GH Bass Weejuns

Shop the Cloggs selection of Bass Weejuns, one of the best-loved penny loafers in the world. All Bass Weejuns come with Free, Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns for a completely hassle-free shopping experience.

With nearly 150 years of experience in creating high quality shoes, GH Bass are a force of heritage-oriented shoemaking to be reckoned with. Based in Maine, Bass began making shoes all the way back in 1876, having been founded by 33 year old George Henry Bass.

The company’s early years were spent producing a variety of styles, including the “National Plow Shoe” for farmers, moccasins intended for woodsmen, skiing shoes, government-ordered aviation boots used in the First World War and many more. Their early efforts won them fans, including Admiral Richard E. Byrd (who wore the company’s ski boots on three Antarctic expeditions) and Charles Lindbergh (during his pioneering transatlantic flight), and established the brand in the burgeoning domestic US luxury footwear market.

Then in 1936 came the design which was to define the company’s fortunes and standing in the fashion buying-public’s perceptions forever. Inspired by a traditionally Norwegian design, the shoe that Bass christened the Weejun was an immediate hit and boasts that rarest of achievements in that it effectively launched a new style of shoe - the penny loafer.

Quite where the inspiration for the penny loafer Weejun came from remains uncertain - one theory suggests that the slit on the shoe’s upper was incorporated to allow the wearer to store coins for an emergency phone call - but no matter the origin, the style was a hit.

More than 75 years later, Bass’s Weejuns remain the world’s most loved style of penny loafer and a perennial best-seller. We stock a great selection of Bass Weejuns in a range of colours for men and women alike, and they’re all available with Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns.