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Barker Shoes

Shop Cloggs' range of Barker shoes and shoe care products. An unrivalled collection of fine leather brogues and loafers, Barker are renowned for their quality. All Barker shoes are eligible for Fast UK Delivery and Free Returns.

Barker Shoes

Few brands have the same unmitigated reputation for prestige and heritage as Barker. They have been making shoes since 1880, and in the intervening years, very little has changed, either in the styles they produce or the manner in which they produce them. Few things have remained constant, particularly in the technology age, but the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of Barker shoes remains an anchor to the past.

As the company was handed down from one generation of the Barker family to the next, their burgeoning reputation was only enhanced. They produced boots for the army in World War I, and steadily became the jewel in the crown of the British shoe making industry. When looking at their beautiful collections, it isn't hard to see how they've lasted so long in such a notoriously competitive market.

Their shoes are still produced in the Northamptonshire village where the brand was founded, and every pair of shoes is hand lasted to ensure quality and durability which simply cannot be achieved through a completely mechanised process. While the company is no longer owned by the Barker family, they still maintain the close community relationship and dedication to quality that Arthur "Great Grandfather" Barker did when he began the company.

Our range of Barker shoes covers shoe care products, loafers, and brogues. In the latter category, we cater for every taste, with a variety of different leathers, toe caps that range from wingtip to quarter brogues, as well as both Derby and Oxford lace styles. Barker’s shoes cover a wide spectrum of formalities, and all come with the same loving care having been put into their construction.

For more information on Barker and formal shoes, you can consult our guide. All orders over £80 from Cloggs come with complimentary next day delivery in the UK, as well as Free Returns for complete peace of mind when shopping with us.