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Aigle Wellies

Browse our fantastic selection of Aigle wellies, including their famous Miss Juliette style and range of other on-trend high, medium, and ankle wellies for women and kids. All Aigle wellies come with fast UK delivery and free returns.

Following a meeting with Charles Goodyear, Hiram Hutchinson set out to revolutionise the world of footwear by using rubber as the core material for the manufacture of his boots. In 1853, under the name “Aigle”, (French for “eagle”) Hutchinson began to produce high-quality, hand-made rubber welly boots at a small workshop at Chatellerault in France Although Aigle has expanded enormously from its small beginnings, it still adheres to the same manufacturing process that it did some 150 years ago. From the preparation of the material through to its finishing, each stage of manufacture takes place under the eye of a specialist that has been trained for two years. With over 60 steps required in making Aigle wellies, the customer can expect an unparalleled quality of footwear that has been subject to thorough testing.

After perfecting the rubber vulcanisation process, Aigle began to produce rubber and canvas shoes for sports and leisure. The iconic French brand went from strength to strength throughout the 1940's and 1950's, resulting in huge success in countryside fashion, as everyone from fishermen to farmers were all donning Aigle boots. After a huge upscale in the late 1960's, Aigle wellies and boots started to become more and more popular and this resulted in the special edition 'blue watersports boots', which were designed with two white stripes to coincide with the Olympic games in Munich. Since then, Aigle have become one of the largest outdoor footwear brands in fashion, with stores all over the world.

Made from natural rubber, each specialist tries to endow the boots with all the characteristics of a top-quality boot. These include suppleness, sturdiness, comfort and a boot that is 100% waterproof. In the final stages of the manufacturing process, every single boot is carefully inspected to ensure that the highest-quality product is produced for the consumer.

However, despite this focus on quality, the style and elegance of Aigle wellies does not suffer. Featuring in fashion magazines such as the renowned Elle, Aigle is not only for the outdoor adventurer but equally for the fashion-conscious. There is no better example of this than the Juliette range, found in fantastic range of colours and patterns. Through the inclusion of bold statement colours, the Juliette range will add that extra bit of colour to any wardrobe.

Aigle - quality, fashion, heritage.

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